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obama offers a fixed every new council's health care plans will have more from simon marks in washington in amazement the philippines will waste a week now that i've been high and not to destroy a tie them on the sec's the mass burial was held the idea. the mayor has blamed the government to widespread delays of burials by weezer policy identification of bodies will have to wait red cross volunteers and medical students down for bodies intact and on the coastal city devastated by typhoon high and almost a week after he defeated teams bodies buried in mass grave in the hills surrounding tax demand. traditional send in your pc to the biggest kick in now. i kept the mass will be held in the coming days the hygiene reasons. it's important that burials take place as quickly as possible it's not clear whether dna samples been taken. but the medical team says the bodies will eventually be identified. that text of an apple houses queue up thinking for a seat on a plane heading out the once bustling port city. when detainees now right. one thing to have to sell three cents a price to pay for a pe
of this entry was this in the life saving anyway so now saying that obama perhaps the washington is pushing too hard for an agreement at all costs. significant progress they need to clean up the discussion about how i got the toughest decisions and no deal is going to be perfect he know you gotta have heart of compromised going in and it's been a time because it's been eleven years and he continued is the enrichment and develops into future and complications in the technical side. so this was not to be easy at all. that said pose the question whether what he was worth going into heavy negotiations with potential compromise or doing nothing or leaving strategy just to roll forward and says the clock to keep moving and potentially end up in bombings or so was it good enough deal is a very fine margin of error it there and we don't exactly know the final details of the draft bill was an idea worth going in and talking about seriously i think so and by the french know if it wasn't a different use compass eleven onto the set love own name he may be that you can think about this or tuesday was a good
is in washington president obama for assistance be back later and said to finance a country suspected cause of the growing unrest that the war. yes this developing story coming out of the us the suspect is said to be in custody until sunday's international apple. today is friday after reports of the shooting. it is coming in. at least i can find today at the scene at terminal three. in a tree our stations ms beamer springs will equal a multi patient incidents drain and into reports of multiple victims we'll say they had about a dozen gun shots from inside the security gates. and flights have now been halted as that is yet to deposit for an a. his presence is said to be in touch with your enforcement officials on the ground. a us intelligence oni and community resources across pakistan were fortunate and writers strike has killed the head of the country's insurgency. i kinda miss it. i guessed right the second since the price of the washington to stop such content as a target in its infancy here is the strongest economy in twenty oh three team gets me to traipse in neighboring afghanistan. i
talk to the mosque turned his back is with us your books include obama's world thank you for being with us the prospect of today we can join the conversation on facebook and twitter are hushed and two for today. now the time but dangerous waters you know what you think of the strait of hormuz one third of the world's oil transit between iran and saudi arabia. it seems as though perhaps it's now being trumped by the east china sea is that troy's body of water to his military strategists insomnia. on the look at this map. why is it such a big deal to those disputed arms when no one lives and the solicitor that the ions they are on and it is however they are strategically important. bt sydney a very sad. the center's security as other groups of islands in the vicinity as well and we all share this strategic importance that position. i was of course there are these oil reserves hydrocarbon reserves. gary smith says and of course though so that their rich in marine life also said the city of great importance not just to china to japan also added to taiwan as well because people like to
conversation with barack obama during september's un annual assembly in new york that fifteen minute phone conversation. well it has a lot of folks worried in riyadh where the u s secretary of state was dispatched to reassure the saudi king of washington's unflinching support kerry will also have some reassuring to do when he touches down wednesday in jerusalem where authorities share fears of a rapprochement with tehran on the wrong that it's tehran with a supreme leader's been blowing hot and cold the past few days. hardliners to win the battle for instance to keep the death to america chances. state sen slogan at rallies. more pointedly have moved here in a moment from tehran's foreign minister he's in paris initial while ago by austin gets mark rowland joins us for the debate and debate said that asks the question is did cindy the start of a beautiful friendship with tehran. also he's the signature along with six other ex european investors of a manifesto calling for breakthrough talks with iran awesomely cool. thank you for being with us. former ambassador to tehran. also in the city
into the sea honda is unchanged on the medina shot of them the need and then obama often this is another you know stack of cards. and i think they want to move. not necessarily right over to win when one of peace to stop a lose lose because everyone is losing of course the iranians because of the embargo. and the americans also because they need a stabilizer in the region with a single stabilizer is an important very important were a few of the obama administration new sales stabilize the middle east the new look to me at or destabilize the middle east right now there isn't any there isn't any. i just have to take it off right now this pulls up on all those interesting comments and will be back in just a minute the second half before the spring. since. like the news this hour and did nothing back up a ronson j made for us will also tend to thrash out a new deal with iran. it's a curious side john kerry is more significant differences between. only three people i can tend to notice how sick of typing and high wind whips the philippines with winds of more than three hundred km and ten the dea
can stop since nineteen sixty seven. so whatever it says that president reagan all clinton obama or bush. don't work is is being carried on for so many years so bought the french position is no different from the american position from the european position from the honor of that position. something has to be done and this is a decision has to be taken at the rather by the israelis themselves to to to ask him to answer this question should we carry on with the second or maybe should we stop and this is something a major issue with opel to the students to sign him in his speech was going on said france is a card to play when it comes to to free all sides get it you feel as though he got that across in with the convincing does france really have a card to play. what is interesting is the new bins to notice that you have to be nice to tease them so that he will be made due to fierce criticism and that was the cog that was played in the pseudo way bite me can ask to see a few years ago when he was interested in in two thousand and eight the socceroos he was seen as of every pro israe
obama has succeeded in getting the senate to hold off the page for more of the new sanctions on the talks are ongoing. the uk is also more optimistic. the foreign secretary william hague lansing a way to say this is the best chance in a long time for an historic agreement between iran and the west. deal is all a table that would be in the interests of all nations and the difference is that of may between the houses on our own. and i believe they can be bridged with political will and commitment. he travels to russia to meet kristin piece into looking for tougher times in a new clean record for the ride moscow has sixty two missile believed to be seen be breached. lavrov dismissing israel's concerns has been moved from reality. it still is the king increasingly isolated. at least eleven people have been killed in an attack on egyptian soldiers this in the sinai peninsula any of this it is now at least according to state media it was a suicide attack that if people running a car into the side of the scanning of tt soldiers and expensive seven people were injured now since the h
in one whose name escapes me. obama that hour. they're just not there. nash who has won the game will reconnect keeping the pope waiting for fifteen minutes. aftermath i cannot stand the hierarchy none of the peacekeeping waking life to meet its as if he'd just gotten half digested the fact that he's not super power tool so it seems to be tested to make and spend the night. he knew he shouldn't do that. it's pretty convinced that and won't let it slip that kind of collapse a minute to the tactics the politicians and then the parents know anyone skip that and the elite saying for quite a long time. you know when you need to stop to stop them will stay its insistent that they needed to to not to love being in the loving in the planet's it just a plate and. the it says here that this material. somebody to be reckoned with. put two by two women continually. when something was going just before you. this band from from parliament. um. while in italy. clinton was asked about the strong words out of russell status after ukraine in the last week made an about face and pulled out of the t
just visit the website. i got a prompt him to come obama said that to the ground and he opened them up and you'll receive a free sms to a new confidence to adopt a new film what fun that night to get the date is one of these countries. one of my time. welcome back awoke just joining us performers and the false productive day. to sample the store is laura city will be falling for him at the top of the hour and our top story possibly the end of an era silvio fearless connie officially barred from the senate's long time italian prime minister we've been fighting tooth and nail against that exclusion. after that lead a coalition deal in germany between of the conservatives of uncle omar from the spd. he must now be brought to a vote for the swans and seventy thousand rank and file of the social democrats. molly's new civilian authorities arrest last year's coup leader general ahmed who said no go for ignoring a court ordered to testify for the killing of soldiers decided against him. and sixty five expresses its deep sadness over the collapse of part of sao paolo stadium due to host the tw
support pres obama sending a letter promising us will continue to respect afghan sovereignty although his secretary of state stopped well short of contrition. let me be clear because i didn't ask for a policy that was no discussion of the palsy. there will be the real snow. this is not even on the table. aubrey is the billabong administration handling this friday yes i did say that i think they are they are trying to have it's a small force there to provide some additional security in and then maybe just as it spreads through provide some sense of security against the nhl and an on line. i know you're also states and are there and for mom. how's it going down with their constituents. well i don't think people are not much focused on the afghanistan accord. as far as the united states is concerned with a lay up. in the united states of two wars iraq and afghanistan he's waited several years. people appreciate that said there now focused on other albums including all the current difficulties in healthcare coming back to afghanistan senator kerry was saying try it out there. states should no
will will will will will will the art scene. it's a one year anniversary of president obama israel action is marked with political scandals and son success. so how was his second term stack up so far we'll break it down. and you don't know who can smile from soldiers in long lines to mcdonald's for a few apply for detainee this top of the men and women who work there it's a different story rc has gained exclusive access to the facility also knew a sign you've never seen before and in
see about the mets tickets. but barack obama post was meant to praise women over to some woman is where it's all just been posted recently on the contracts but nobody wants to take notice of that conduct. we made an enquiry which true to who holds his visits was swimming toward our president. he made his heart is always good to overseas to return this. in december before the places where you can find more the olympiad in two thousand and seven more than one what is now speaking in sentences it's more real and to petition for more obstinate insecure and ten. it's more of the typical forty four men didn't devote to fall into that and it's going to be built up to do anything to get that story is the problem kids. why have things change now. what was that the turks wheel government is fighting to try to communicate is the fault of voters and said that the most unfortunate of the voters. well one of the best enjoyed your devotions sixty percent of enough on defense people who vote are in trouble economically desperate to communicate wisdom and it'll find a way to communicate on soci
've seen changes like that in the villages of disappeared by becoming part of obama's pro. so that has changed but yes we still have serious problems we need to overcome. pop over to the bond of development. but progress has been made of that there's no doubt is the change to slow or too fat and in some sectors the status of costco cost now and some of those the us had me he is not given much of that scene. i would hope honestly think we've lost book fifteen year scene comes to picking bill. if you want to get the stupid can get tickets to one goal. but the footage of the rest of the us of india. life in charting said sufficiency in some balance to strike put into practice. i'm as it ascends to the you find that the coupons up to ninety one i'm not anti the support of all everything that comes in the name of who built this nation but still after that this accounts for baking didn't want to know to do this alone the item will stick this baby of being given back to the spinster well. you see progress. but governance and governments to make it. given the lessons and all the excess insuffi
nominated huge miscalculation when it comes to it. i think. i would say yeso answer with yes i think obama has an m anderson to really stay alone in the last years and two when he stood there knew the cairo speech. as for the deal weapons with what many would be my new weapons from russia i mean he's just lost a lot of aid from the united states i think this is it was small and from the egypt imparted to me the pressure america who commits. and from the rush to buy just to create some good relationships and on. trade is more to it. when a vehicle in a good thing when they see as a sin because there is a lot of anti american. being on the streets of egypt right now and keep your eye okay because at the americans and thought some of the settlement they think phil and they want to be free and one to be under american state luncheon and fashion in this pic is interesting that the russians have something to cancun. well for us is that it's my leave because they never condemned and once you land in the coup against boise so i think it's the kind of like the fact that russia doesn't get involved
of relations obama speaking on the phone with her on the north is when you see this blast on tuesday. he was the time stands still. in that part of the world. no link because today i'm eighty and nineteen and a team like an earthquake. it was an open this week. you can actually speak to the iac state spending at front and had run out of. beyond that landed him in a community in the end if i'd eaten at different speeds and with a new twenty two is the before and now i want to be in ca and had been the site in ca and we wouldn't be unleashed in an open so the obvious than on me. the tsunami. you see anything even a moving thing if they do. anna went to heehee impasse over its east and the band and a bit lately what i mean you when you're eighteen you want now. we know on the cusp of something we don't know whether it's something positive or very very negative for the region china was being played out in the region not only that was also in iran is making an atm. making a supposed plot in the united states is well soon. this also will occasionally we see the spectacular examples of that not
but that the chemistry between the u s president barack obama. and that the israeli farmers that they have the nixon who is it difficult or complicated one the family for putting their interests. living on thousands of joined anti government protests the thai capital bangkok. the softer ground some one thousand and three was adopted at the offices of the country's finance ministry. they want honesty in the auctioneer will have to step down in response the tied up and has just do as the state to commit to see it from bangkok and surrounding areas. secret as well the protesters started to key government ministries and tons of prizes marched in central bangkok thailand's financing. some laptops and security laws to the capital on monday giving me a good snow cover is to build roads and causing her to eat and gatherings. is it's going to attempt this without any planets we didn't want to see any climate. on the table of prime minister you tuxedo at either. and he believes the acts of the cockpit for her brother i see former premier seems to know lah. don't miss on the receiving line between people who buil
signs that's what president obama is eyeing as he seeks out of reach. donors for twenty fourteen democrats and some people are protesting his friends stay tuned for a full hollywood report later and
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